Convert AutoCAD models to 3D PDF

3D PDF Adobe

Designing CAD models in 3D is hugely beneficial for visualization and avoiding interferences. While we design in 3D in AutoCAD, we are limited to 2D screen shots (unless a DWG viewer is downlaoded) to share with our clients. Microstation by default has the ability to “print” a model to a 3D PDF (a trick I learned from a fellow designer). Adobe has the ability to open these 3D PDFs and in my experience, being able to send a client a model that they can view without downloading more software is hugely beneficial! Your client can look at the model at all angles and get a better visual of your design.

So how can you make this work in AutoCAD you ask? Microstation! Microstation View to be exact. Open an AutoCAD DWG model in Microstation View, select the Bentley plot driver called pdf.pltcfg, then check the box Print to 3D. Then Print to File… and your model is now a 3D PDF!


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