Top down design & reduce 3D printed supports

My RC Tech project has been very fun experimenting with new techniques! This is my first project using Top-down design in SolidWorks and it's awesome! It will definitely be my go to design style from now on. Top-down is sketching all of your parts in your main assembly and referencing each part sketches to it, … Continue reading Top down design & reduce 3D printed supports

View SolidWorks 3D Models on your Webpage!

I've been working on adding 3D Models to my portfolio on my webpage and I couldn't upload SolidWorks models to SketchFab as easy as I had from Fusion360 in the past. So I converted SolidWorks to Fusion360 then uploaded to SketchFab. Pack & Go your assembly, for more detail click here Open in Fusion360 and export … Continue reading View SolidWorks 3D Models on your Webpage!

What is the best design?

The world of designing has "many ways to skin a cat" but which is the best way? Many factors come into play such as; intended function, outside limitations,  experience/wisdom, and now help from software. In this blog post you can see how SolidWorks can test stress loads of a simple steel frame to determine the … Continue reading What is the best design?

Rekey your car door

I got a new (to me) Honda Civic after my truck finally started leaking fluids everywhere. Buying used cars always involves fixing issues and one I had was the passenger door lock being keyed different. I found this video on youtube showing how the tumblers are numbered. While I had the driver side off replacing … Continue reading Rekey your car door