Rekey your car door

I got a new (to me) Honda Civic after my truck finally started leaking fluids everywhere. Buying used cars always involves fixing issues and one I had was the passenger door lock being keyed different. I found this video on youtube showing how the tumblers are numbered. While I had the driver side off replacing … Continue reading Rekey your car door

Mirazor 3D printed prototype

Here's a functional 3D printed prototype I designed for Chris Tatum @ctatum870 from a napkin sketch. When you're shaving the back of your head and can't see what you're doing, the Mirazor mirror attachment solves that problem! Chris is currently working on the production stage and I'm excited to see Mirazor hit the market!

OpenRC F1 3D printed RC car

Daniel Norée (creator of benchy) designed an RC car based off F1 car in Fusion360 and 3D printed it! And to top that it's open source and continuously being improved. Daniel has a great answer for "what can you do with a 3D printer" and I look forward to everything else he comes up … Continue reading OpenRC F1 3D printed RC car

Convert AutoCAD models to 3D PDF

Designing CAD models in 3D is hugely beneficial for visualization and avoiding interferences. While we design in 3D in AutoCAD, we are limited to 2D screen shots (unless a DWG viewer is downlaoded) to share with our clients. Microstation by default has the ability to "print" a model to a 3D PDF (a trick I … Continue reading Convert AutoCAD models to 3D PDF

Spool Holder Redesign

Spool Holder Redesign

This spool holder has seen some miles in the last year and I noticed it had cracked and miraculously still holding on! So I went back to the drawing board! I had originally found this on but I redesigned for narrower spools. (I can't help myself, I have to tweak everything somehow!) In this … Continue reading Spool Holder Redesign

Practical 3D Printing

Practical 3D Printing

If  you thought 3D Printing was just for making toys and nick nacks, check this out! Joel Telling, YouTube's 3D Printing Nerd printed a new tether for his gas cap with flexible filament. No special trips to the dealership or parts store, just grab a model and print, never leaving the house! ...