Practical 3D Printing

Practical 3D Printing

If  you thought 3D Printing was just for making toys and nick nacks, check this out! Joel Telling, YouTube's 3D Printing Nerd printed a new tether for his gas cap with flexible filament. No special trips to the dealership or parts store, just grab a model and print, never leaving the house! ...

3D Printed Ink Rack

Custom Ink Bottle Rack

More designing and 3D printing! I was worried about my ink bottles falling over and leaking everywhere so I jumped on Fusion360! While I was at it I added a convenient home for the syringes too. If you closely you can see where the handle broke off of the rack and I'll have to beef it … Continue reading 3D Printed Ink Rack

Prototyping with 3D printing!

Prototyping throttle body plate for custom intake

I can only imagine how much time was involved with prototyping in the past with sketches, drawings, and verifying measurements... Now it's as simple as creating a model, hitting print, then test fitting it! As you can see in the pics above 3D printing has high accuracy!

Custon Embossing Plates

Custom embossing plates

The customer here wanted an embossing tool with her own logo. So I removed the original plates, grabbed an image of her logo, and jumped into Fusion360 and came up with this design to print on my 3D printer! As with any new designs there are trial runs, which I benefit from 3D printing in house … Continue reading Custon Embossing Plates

Embroidery spool holder

purl spool holder Here we had a problem with the metallic thread being pulled straight up off the spool and coiling (similar to when you drag out a water hose that has been coiled up). I designed and 3D printed an attachment to the embroidery machine that would hold the spool horizontal and stopped the metallic thread … Continue reading Embroidery spool holder